Assessment and Reports

The Intercultural Development Inventory assesses individuals' and groups’ mindset towards cultural differences and similarities. IDI results are summarized in easy to understand reports that can help you and your team get started in their intercultural development.

IDI Reports

By using a developmental approach that meets people where they are, IDI Reports provide a snapshot of individuals' or groups’ current primary approach to cultural differences and commonalities.

IDI Group Profile Report

IDI Group Profile reports - appropriate for small and large teams, departments, or entire organizations - provide a snapshot of how a group approaches cultural differences and similarities and can be used to inform next developmental steps for the group.

IDI Individual Profile Report

IDI individual results are provided in an Individual Profile Report that is shared in a confidential, one-on-one Debrief with a licensed Qualified Administrator. Engagement in this guided conversation can provide powerful insights to one’s strengths and developmental opportunities for more effective engagement across difference.

IDI Intercultural Development Plan

Each Individual Profile Report is accompanied by a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP), a roadmap for facilitating one’s growth based on their IDI results. IDPs are designed to be completed independently by the respondent but can also be used in conjunction with coaching or other supports.

Assessment Pricing

Prices below reflect the cost per single assessment. All prices are in USD $ and are subject to change.
Please note that the IDI can only be purchased and administered by an IDI Qualified Administrator.

  • $33

    Organization Version

    Standard price when ordering the Organizational version

  • $23

    Non-profit Organization Version

    For use with non-profit organizations or government agencies

  • $20

    Education Version

    Standard price when ordering the Educational version (for use with faculty, staff, and administrators in educational settings)

  • $13

    Student Version

    For students in educational institutions

Student Online IDI Debrief Program

The Student Online IDI Debrief Program is available for use with students in educational institutions to complete an automated IDI Individual Debrief session to receive feedback on their IDI results. The Student Online IDI Debrief Program provides the opportunity for smaller teams of IDI Qualified Administrators to administer the assessment and debrief groups of students as needed.


Student Online IDI Debrief Add-on

Optional for students in educational institutions

Ready to Engage with the IDI?

The first step to starting your IDI project is to determine if you will administer the IDI yourself as an IDI Qualified Administrator or contract with an external QA to manage your IDI project.

Attend an IDI Qualifying Seminar

By completing the IDI Qualifying Seminar you will receive an individual IDI license which allows you to administer the Intercultural Development Inventory and provide IDI results in Individual and Group Debriefs.

IDI Qualified Administrator Database

Looking to engage with the IDI but not ready to become a Qualified Administrator or train QAs within your organization? You can hire a QA to manage your IDI project.