Case Studies

These case studies showcase the results that have been achieved through implementation of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). We encourage you to explore our case studies to learn more about the IDI and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Educational Institutions

The IDI is widely used in universities, colleges, and school districts with faculty, staff, and students for a variety of programs including faculty and staff development; student assessment and development; and study abroad and other programming.

Non-Profit Organizations

A variety of non-profit organizations use the IDI for individual and small team development to improve intercultural competency.


Large and small corporations use the IDI for individual and small team development as well as large-scale organizational assessment.


The IDI is used in all levels of government agencies to help individuals and groups achieve their intercultural competency goals.


Explore the following resources to learn more about how the Intercultural Development Inventory has been used, find a QA to work with on your IDI project, or explore our IDI knowledge base!

  • Research & Publications

    Interested in ways the IDI has been used in research? Explore a list of studies using the IDI.

  • IDI QA Database

    Looking to engage with the IDI but not ready to become a Qualified Administrator (QA) or train QAs within your organization? Start here to find a QA for your project.

  • Help Center

    Looking for more information about the IDI? We have more than 100 articles in our knowledge base that address a variety of IDI-related topics.

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