Hear what others have to say about their experience engaging with the IDI®.

"The IDI provides such a clear roadmap for what is a personal journey of growth and contributing to a better, more equitable world. The IDI has given us tools, language, data and reference point for growth within ourselves, our instruction, our curriculum, and a path for teams to make schools live out their DEI statements."

Omar Rachid

Middle School Teacher, Employee DEI Programming; Lakeside School

"The IDI uses a tested and proven framework that is widely accepted and touted for its accuracy and lack of bias across different situations."

Karanveer Syal

Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

"I was searching for tools to help me develop educational materials for my congregation, which was entering into a partnership with a congregation of a different culture. It was very difficult to find any useful materials to help me or the congregation. That is until I found IDI. The IDI has proven to be a great resource for helping people learn about themselves, where they are, developmentally, in their capacity to be present with and in effective relationships with people who are different from oneself. Well intentioned people were shocked find out that they are not nearly as far along in their intercultural competency as they imagined they were. The IDI opened minds and hearts and encouraged people to deepen their self and other awareness."

Terri Pilarski

Vicar, Episcopal Priest and Executive Director of the ICCD; Episcopal Church and the ICCD

"I recommend that you use the IDI with organizations seeking a baseline understanding of their own intercultural development. I didn’t expect it to be such a helpful tool in starting conversations with people who have been resistant to conversations about cultural differences. I appreciate the IDI for its ability to avoid shame, blame, and guilt and move into generative conversation."

David Scherer

Co-Founder, JUSTmove Consulting

"The IDI is easy to administer and provides educators a useful framework for introducing the overarching themes of intercultural awareness and sensitivity as well as related topics. The group and individual profiles also help learners reflect on their actions and beliefs and recognize specific areas where they can develop."

Brent Jones

Professor; Konan University, Hirao School of Management

"The IDI offers individuals and groups incisiveanalysis to help them examine and understand how effectively they conduct andmanage intercultural interactions and relationships. This information isfundamental to clarifying performance and engagement with diversity, equity,inclusion, and accessibility initiatives and setting realistic goals fororganizational development."

Angeline Chia

Intercultural Development Consultant, Sights on Success Consulting

"Using the IDI helps clients identify their own cultural lens and underlying perspectives that drive the way they communicate with others. When this realization hits, their 'a-ha' moment renergizes problem-solving efforts and helps them examine their context with fresh eyes. The IDI is a great reflective tool to initiate conversations on organizational change. Being able to identify how one's orientation is tied to one's background experiences both validates a participant’s lived experiences and opens the door to considering new perspectives."

Kennedy Schultz

Founder, KMS Intercultural Education

"The IDI really changed my life in the best of ways - I am such an advocate of taking this assessment - I have seen how it has changed the lives and skill sets of students and teachers.  This is a fabulous tool for helping individuals to navigate cultural differences one informed step at a time.  It really works if you work it and the personal growth plan. "

Sandra Prentice

Intercultural Education Specialist, This Stuff Matters

"Doing Individual IDI debriefs is one of the funnest things I do in my job!  I love talking to people about their development, their hopes, and dreams. They're much deeper, richer conversations than the average work meeting. Encouraging them to set goals for themself and take actual steps to build their intercultural competence, making it more likely they'll truly grow their skills, is very satisfying."

Laura Dupont-Jarrett

Asst Dir for Education Abroad Mental Health, University of Minnesota

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