The IDI is used in all levels of government agencies to help individuals and groups achieve their intercultural competency goals.


Minnesota Management and Budget, a U.S. state government agency with more than 30,000 employees, uses the IDI as a key tool to build intercultural competence within the organization. Through their implementation of the IDI, the organization is promoting inclusivity in the workplace and strengthening collaboration with stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds.


The organization’s Talent Development Department serves as a resource for agency-wide implementation of the IDI. The Talent Department organizes training, development opportunities, internal networking, and IDI project support for the organization's internal Qualified Administrators (QAs). To build foundational support, QAs are invited to participate in organizational communities of practice, accountability groups for their own intercultural journeys, and a coalition group of QAs to conduct debriefs outside of their agency where necessary. This support system provides the groundwork for QAs to successfully implement the IDI in their agency context.

Qualified Administrators

Nearly 100 government employees became IDI Qualified Administrators to support project implementation and ensure the longevity of the program.


Over 10,000 state employees have taken the IDI across 10+ agencies.


Working towards organizational equity and inclusion through the training, development, and support of an internal community of QAs.


The Talent Development team created systems of QA learning that supported each agency’s individualized learning and development plans. With QAs integrated throughout the organization, the Talent Development team used the IDI as a starting point for understanding equity and inclusion. The organization built a relational network of QAs creating shared language and direction towards equity and inclusion. Building from IDI results, agencies offer continued training development opportunities that engage government employees in their own development.



“With the IDI we can better understand issues of equity when we explore ourselves and how we relate to each other’s communities.”

Other Case Studies

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Educational Institutions

The IDI is widely used in universities, colleges, and school districts with faculty, staff, and students for a variety of programs including faculty and staff development; student assessment and development; and study abroad and other programming.

Non-Profit Organizations

A variety of non-profit organizations use the IDI for individual and small team development to improve intercultural competency.


Large and small corporations use the IDI for individual and small team development as well as large-scale organizational assessment.